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How British are you?

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We are celebrating all things British at Saga Investment Services, with the launch of the British Enhanced Income fund. This fund has been created to capitalise on the nation’s strengths by investing in predominantly British company shares, in addition to bonds and property, to generate a targeted yield of 4% per annum.

While there are no guarantees, and this could be higher or lower depending on how the markets perform, the fund has been designed to help the nation’s over 50s boost their income.

But what does Britain mean to you? Take our fun quiz and find out.

It’s hard to argue with the inherent ‘greatness’ of Britain and it is for that reason that Saga Investment Services launched the British Enhanced Income fund earlier this year. Made up of funds investing in British shares, along with other income-generating investments, including bonds and commercial property, it was designed to help the UK’s over 50s capitalise on the nation’s strengths.