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New Year financial resolutions – Jenny Jones, our Cautious Play-It-Safer

By Jenny Jones | Date 23 Jan 2017

New Year financial resolutions from Jenny Jones, our Cautious Play-It-Safer.

Do you have any financial new year’s resolutions for 2016?

This year I would like to save more than last year, I overspent at Christmas and have had some big credit card bills, so I am now tightening my belt a bit and considering whether I really need something before I go ahead and buy it.

Is there something you would like to try for the first time with your finances?

There is going to be quite a bit of change for me this year as I am moving in with my partner and so we will own two properties between us. I think I will rent my house out, so I will need to look for a good home for the income I get from that, which might require me to see a financial adviser. I may also invest in some Premium Bonds this year.

Is there something you have learned from the last year that you would not repeat in 2017?

I am hoping to spread the cost of Christmas throughout the year this year so that I don’t get any nasty surprises in December.

ISA Season

What is your strategy for this year’s ISA season?

I didn’t invest as much in my ISA as I would have liked to last year so I plan to save more this year. I have already been looking round to see if I can get a better deal, but the rates available at the moment are really quite depressing.

Will you be opening a new account and will these be cash or investment based?

I don’t like any risk at all when it comes to my money so I will be sticking to cash ISAs this year. I may look at opening a fixed rate account to tie my money up for a bit longer as I will get a better rate that way.

What is your top tip for making the most out of ISAs?

I always go onto comparison sites like and research what the best deals are before choosing which ISA to open, I find this much easier than shopping around the various different banks separately.


About the author

Jenny Jones

Jenny Jones, 56 from Bristol, retired a year ago from after working for a high street bank for many years. She has a couple of final salary pensions from that period, as well as a widow’s pension from the army.

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