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Create a custom goal

Using this calculator you can easily create your own custom goal and check your progress towards achieving it. Just complete the simple form below to work out what you need to invest and for how long. As a Saga Investment Services user you can save your results to your online account and link the goal to your investments to easily check your progress towards achieving them.

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This is based on a risk investment portfolio (in line with the average performance of such a portfolio over the past 20 years). You can edit the level of risk you are willing to take on the left.

These results aren't a perfect estimate of future investment performance. They should be used as an aid while making decisions, rather than as a guarantee. We have included the effect of fees and assumed that you will reinvest any income from your investments, but we haven't made any deductions for tax you may pay. Your results are based on longer term data (over 20 years), but if you are investing for less than this your actual returns could be much more varied than the graph shows. More about how this projection is calculated

Can we answer any questions you have about the results from this calculator? We're here to help. Call us on 0800 033 4000.